Episode 78: The Lizzie Trap




The Lizzie Trap is the 78th episode of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and the second episode in the Pemberley Arc.


Lizzie mentions that she has dinner with Dr. Gardner, and that she has to go, when all of a sudden Gigi Darcy walks in and stops Lizzie from finishing the video. She then asks for help from Lizzie, until she gets a text from Fitz. Gigi then tells Lizzie to finish by talking about her, and Lizzie talks about Gigi until she walks in with William Darcy, and pushes him into the room with Lizzie. Lizzie and Darcy greet each other, and Gigi walks back in and seats Darcy and Lizzie. Darcy and Lizzie chat, and then Lizzie goes to eat dinner.


The Lizzie Trap - Ep 7805:01

The Lizzie Trap - Ep 78

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